Hate Speech Isn’t Free

As promised, this is a list of some of the statements Dr. Day made in YouTube videos. Some of this might be hard to read. There’s times I have to stop watching, give it a break, and return a couple of days later to finish listening to her interviews. I only post this for one reason – to show there’s work to be done in keeping this type of content away from internet platforms that are so popular with our youth. My dream come true would be for somebody to expose this in a bigger way than I am able to do. But the point is for us to do what we can… so here goes:

(Note: Holocaust related statements being at #39)

  1. Homosexuality and Lesbianism and the LGTBQ agenda is a Jewish thing and meant for population extermination.
  2. They (Jews) want to get everybody in the lowest degenerate situation… pornography, prostitution, slavery, white slavery and sex trafficking.
  3. The Jews are using Muslims to kill Christians.
  4. The dynasty that runs Saudi Arabia is Jewish.
  5. Jews are eliminating all doctors except Jewish doctors. In the Talmud it’s clear that Jewish doctors are prohibited from healing any gentiles.
  6. Christians are embracing the very people (Jews) that want them dead.
  7. The Jews own the Catholic church.
  8. The goals of the Jews are written in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
  9. Communism is Jewish.
  10. Nobody died at Sandy Hook. It was a hoax. (I’m not sure what this has to do with Jews but I’m sure Dr. Day will find a way to link them together)
  11. The Jews control the education system to spread deception and destroy intellect.
  12. Who are the bankers? Jews. So they have instigated wars to weaken the country and put countries in debt.
  13. The Vatican is controlled by Jews. Several of the last Popes were Jews. Jews control the religions of the world.
  14. Noahide Laws are to control gentiles. The penalty for idolatry is beheading. The Jews like cutting off people’s heads.
  15. There will be guillotines in concentrations camps being set up for those who will not go along with the (Jewish) New World Order.
  16. They (Chabad Jews) have an agenda to wipe out gentiles.
  17. Vaccinations are a part of population extermination and the drug companies are all owned by Jews.
  18. Jews want to eliminate the white race.
  19. Jews killed JFK
  20. Jews want a country that is unable to fight, so they introduce them (soldiers) to drugs.
  21. Homosexuals have actually allowed themselves to become demonically possessed. They were perverted and that opened the gates. Their behavoir is demonic on several levels.
  22. The Jews have infiltrated Christian churches and messed up the doctrine.
  23. The Jews hate the blacks.
  24. In the Talmud it says you can have sex with a 3 year old girl. It says men can have sex with little boys under the age of nine.
  25. Organized crime is Jewish to it’s roots.
  26. When Jews go into the Catholic church they promoted homsexuality and pedophilia.
  27. G-d has a plan. He is allowing Satan to reveal how evil evil can get, and the Jews are His agents.
  28. Jews want to disarm America.
  29. Jews are greedy. They’re the epitome of evil. They’re parasites.
  30. Jews are terrorists and they plan to rule by force and subjegate the rest of the world.
  31. Their (Jews) plan is to eliminate the rest of the world.
  32. They (Jews) sacrifice people when necessary.
  33. The Jews have always controlled the NAACP so they can manipulate blacks.
  34. Black slavery was really started and promoted by Jews.
  35. International Jewry wants you dead.
  36. It won’t be long before they (Jews) are going to take your children if you are Christian.
  37. Judaism is not a religion. It’s a sex cult. When Jews go to the Wailing Wall look at their pelvis. They move it forward towards the wall because that’s a sign of reproduction sex. They honor their G– with sex, by having sex with anybody.
  38. The Jews made sure they killed a lot of children (Oklahoma Bombing) because they don’t care about children. Children to them are just like killing rats. When they (Jews) kill children it’s nothing to them.
  39. Holocaust denial is that jews were put in these camps to be gassed and killed. They were not. There were no gassings in the camp.
  40. When Jews took over Germany they did the same thing that’s happening to America. They brought in pornography. They brought pedophilia. They brought in filth, debauchery, everything horrible. It was destroying Germany so Hitler got them out of government and the Jews were mad.
  41. International Jews told the rank and file Jews in Germany they needed to sabotage the war efforts. So Hitler put the Jews in camps. They were work camps.
  42. (showing pictures of Auschwitz) They had a swimming pool, and orchestra and a performance center.
  43. The holes in the ceiling of the supposed gas chamber were added after the war.
  44. Zyklon B was to kill lice and protect them (Jews) from typhus.
  45. Most of the people died because of our bombing.
  46. After the war, all of these emaciated bodies were from typhus or starvation because we, the allies, bombed all the supply lines so they had no food.
  47. (showing pic of gas chamber building) The chimney wasn’t even attached to the building. They built it after the war for propaganda. This was supposedly a gas chamber. It was really a bomb shelter. They (Germans) would take the prisoners there to keep them safe from allied bombing.
  48. Jews declared war on Germany, not the other way around.
  49. Russian soldiers were controlled by Jews. They were raping women and girls down to the age of three. They were cutting off their breasts and nailing them to barn doors. This is coming to America.

(Now a little prayer for forgiveness for posting this horrible content….. I’ll never be sure it was the right thing to do.)

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