220 Years MAX

Somewhere on some big city street somebody is holding up a sign that says, “The end is near”…. sometimes.  We see it and we shrug, “Yeah, right” or maybe these days we grab our phones and take a picture for our Facebook page.  But the point is this has been happening for a while now and obviously the end hasn’t come.  Today we are numb to statements like this.  They are vague and uninteresting, probably telling us more about the individual holding the sign than the message itself.

But what if the sign was NOT so vague?  What if it says, “Only 220 years MAX until the end?”.  Does that get your attention?

We find this very thing in the Jewish understanding of the Divine Plan.

First we need to address a well-known objection:  You should never set dates for the arrival of Messiah or the end of the world as we know it.  Cults set dates, and cults are always wrong.   And in the bible Daniel was granted visions of the end, but was told to conceal them until the time of the end, which is no help.  So why then, is it OK for rabbis to teach we have 220 days left…max?  Well because it’s nearly the time of the end!  And the beginning of the end was the year 1840.

When Israel became a nation in again in 1948 the unknown hidden clock began to tick very loudly.  People  began to hear it.  Soon many signs of the times began to pop up everywhere. Books like Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth and the Left Behind series were coupled with a closer look at dispensationalism and the possible effects, and dangers, of the Cold War.  Signs, Signs, everywhere the signs – we were waking up.

But it goes back further than that.  The Zohar tells us it began in the year 1840.  The teaching goes like this:

We are currently in the year 2019 or 5780 on the Hebrew calendar. 

The creation took place in 6 days.  G-d rested on the seventh.  Scripture also tells us a day to us is like a thousand years to G-d.  So each day of creation = a thousand years.

The end of creation day 6 is the Hebrew year 6000.  This is 220 years away!  Hebrew Year 6000 = the year 2240!

The Moshiach will have come AND ALREADY REIGNED by the end of 6000 years! (Remember 6000-7000 is the 7th day – the sabbath rest.) 

So what’s up with the year 1840?  The Zohar tells us in Noah’s 600th year (yes, he was still alive) the waters of the earth poured forth and the windows of heaven opened up.  The flood.  Based on this, in the 600th year of the 6th millenium (Hebrew year 5600) the heavens will again open up, only this time it will be with an incredible pouring forth of wisdom.  The year 5600 was the year 1840.  Oddly enough this was the beginning of the industrial revolution!  Amazing discoveries and advancements of science and physics began.  A flood new inventions would follow along with huge strides in knowledge.

So if the reign of Moshiach Ben David ENDS in the year 6000 or 2240 he really could be revealed anytime soon!  May it be speedily in our days.

In the next post we will go deeper and look at how the days and even hours can be understood and a related story of the significance of the year 1989!

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