Creation Speak

Hebrew is the language of creation.

Our Creator spoke the world into existence.

There’s plenty of teachings going back thousands of years on this fundamental principle in Jewish thought. Today however, I listened to a Christian saying none of it is true.

That’s not surprising, but what he used as proof sure was. He offers two reasons:

First, when JC was on the cross there was a time when he apparently was speaking in a completely unknown tongue nobody at Calvary could understand. This could only mean one thing. He was talking to G-d (wouldn’t that be talking to himself?). Since it wasn’t Hebrew being spoken, then Hebrew isn’t the holy language.

Since there’s no way to prove this one way or the other, it’s a waste of time.

The second “proof” was that if indeed Hebrew is the language G-d used to create the universe, then we should be able to speak Hebrew and create a universe too! Then, before giving anybody time to think about it, he quickly changed the subject. My brain, however, hit “pause”.

This is an argument I’d love to play with for a while, but a little too easy. For instance, wouldn’t we need a much louder voice? We certainly would need a new and empty space for our new universe! And we would need to know exactly what to say because that’s not included in the verses after “Let there be light”! How exactly do you separate a firmament? Where do I get the water? How do I make the moon?

Anybody can get a canvas and brushes and paint a picture. But not everyone is an artist. Even if I could speak a world into existence, I could never create one as beautiful as ours.

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