Scales and Shrouds

It’s been said that Jews are blinded in part, or have hardened hearts when it comes to recognizing JC as the Messiah.  Christians will use this to explain that even some of the best missionaries can’t seem to teach the Jews to believe.  I’ve even heard it said that Jews have scales over their eyes that will come off when JC returns.

I tried to find “scales on eyes” in the Jewish Tanach with no success.  Considering how many times I’ve heard it said, I figured it was probably found several times in the New Testament but only found ONE reference to it and it wasn’t scales on the eyes of Jews, it was scales on the eyes of Paul!  And yes, the scales fell off when he found JC.  Undoubtedly this is where the idea of scales on the eyes of Jews originated, but there’s no clear reference to the scales on the eyes of Jews in scripture.

Nevertheless, the Christian belief that Jews are blind or possess harden hearts toward JC is a common understanding.  In the end times Jews will realize JC as messiah and “wake up”.  However, there’s a little problem here.  This “waking up” isn’t mentioned in Jewish scriptures about Jews.  But it IS mentioned as happening to non-Jews in the Messianic Era!  In fact, ALL the nations!

And He will destroy on this mount the shroud that is drawn over the faces of all the peoples and the covering that is spread over all the nations:

He will destroy death forever.  My Lord G-d will wipe the tears away from all faces and will put an end to the reproach of His people Over all the earth — For it is the Lord who has spoken.

Isaiah 25:7-8 (JPS Study Bible – Kindle Version)

So…  Paul had scales and the nations have shrouds.  Still haven’t found Jews who can’t see.  I’ll keep looking.

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